Your function

For more information about our specific requirements, please see the consultant and business analyst profiles. If you would be interested in joining our team, please send your application and curriculum vitae to We will confirm that we have received your application within 24 hours.

Hard work

Consulting work at Strategique is demanding. Assignments often require you to familiarize yourself with new industries and organizations and develop original and creative solutions within strict deadlines. This will be part of your day-to-day-work if you wish to get to the bottom of your client's problems.

but rewarding…

Consulting work at Strategique is rewarding. The learning curve is steep; every day you meet new people, learn about new businesses and develop new solutions. But only a few people ever get the opportunities that you will have, in other words the opportunity to assist management at all levels in organizations of all sizes in solving their problems and to excite clients by providing a fresh outlook on essential issues of their strategy. Whatever the case, we assist our client to get one step further ahead of the competition.

…and fun

Consulting work at Strategique is fun. Regular social events enable us to share our good experiences and wise lessons. And at least twice a year we hold an off-site training session that mixes work and fun. This is a moment for proudly looking back on our achievements and preparing to tackle the challenges of the coming year.