Your application

Strategique is continously looking for ambitious professionals interested in pursuing a career in strategy and M&A consulting.If you think you can make a contribution to our team please send in your application by submitting your motivation to work for Strategique and your curriculum vitae to vacature@strategique.nlWe will contact you within 48 hours to discuss the possibilities.

The application procedure generally consists of three rounds. We try to complete the application procedure, from receipt of the application to the making of the job offer, within four weeks.

Interviews (1 or 2 rounds)

Both rounds will consist of two one-on-one interviews with a partner or consultant. In the interviews we will discuss your background, motivation, ambition and a number of relevant business cases. You will get the opportunity to explain and defend your approach and solution to the given issues. During both rounds you will be evaluated on personality, motivation, ambition and your analytical and communication skills.

Test day (round 3)

The third round is a test day. You will receive a number of cases in advance, which you will need to prepare. On the test day these cases will be discussed with panels of two professionals at a time. You will also be asked to prepare a presentation defending your point of view and solutions for one of the cases. 

Job offer

After each round you will get extensive feedback from one of the interviewers. If we believe you are the right candidate, we will make you an immediate job offer.