Corporate finance and M&A advisory

With the Strategique corporate finance services clients benefit significantly from our strategy expertise:  in our engagements and mandates we combine the strategic objectives with our process capabilities. An example is the consideration what fits the corporate objectives better: a greenfield start, a small platform transaction or acquiring market leadership. Another illustration is the assessment of the pay back of acquired goodwill in different circumstances.

Strategique’s core offering in corporate finance services are both buy-side and sell-side assignments. Because of our strategic focus a significant part of our work is on the buy side:

  • partner searches
  • transaction support
  • business valuation
  • deal structuring and financing (equity and debt fund raising)
  • due diligence
  • outsourcing and insourcing
  • implementation of internationalization strategies 

Our client list consists of a diverse mixture of Dutch and international multinationals, private equity investors and family enterprises. For the funding we have an extensive network of investment funds, financial institutions, family offices and informal investors.

In both sell- and buy mandates Strategique’s clients benefit significantly the advantages of local presence and cultural knowledge of the Globalscope partners. In some parts of the world the advantage is limited, but in other parts it is the difference between failure and success of a transaction. And with success we do not mean if the transaction is closed or not; the judgement is often to be made after some years, if the objectives have been realised or exceeded.

In the divestment process we have the specific Strategique matrix, assessing the best route to realize the value and achieve the transaction. In our experience the traditional investment bankers approach of a controlled auction is not always in the best interest of the selling shareholders. The Strategique matrix provides us a practical framework to optimize the selling process.