Corporate & business strategy

Strategy is at the heart of successful enterprises. Strategy is also at the heart of Strategique's consulting services. We work with our clients to identify real, differentiating, competitive advantages designed to help them achieve their corporate vision and ambition. We offer a combination of strategy and corporate finance services at both corporate level and business unit level

Corporate Strategy

In corporate strategy development we help our clients to understand profitability and contributions to corporate value now and in the future: identifying and understanding future developments, shaping the corporate portfolio, building skills and exploring enterprise wide synergies.

We believe in shareholder value as one of the main drivers for doing business. Strategique assists in assessing how the different businesses contribute added value to the holding company and vice versa. By studying the client's portfolio management, we focus attention on the issue of having the right skills and capabilities in house. Using this information, Strategique develops specific strategic plans, in cooperation with its clients, for:

  • geographical expansion
  • new business development
  • investment/divestment
  • exploring new fields beyond competition

Business strategy

Business strategy is the process of developing specific business and action plans that will enable individual business units to achieve their full potential. We work from an objective fact base to identify the most important opportunities and to quantify their potential.

Common assignments include business planning, development of growth strategies, customer value analysis, production allocation and co-creation projects. Strategique's approach is based on the principle that strategy development should be result-oriented and based on thorough data analysis rather than aspiration. This approach leads to practical and achievable target strategies. We are always prepared to help our clients to implement the new strategy. In other words, we suit the action to the word: when advising on strategy we want to make that strategy work! Companies only implement strategies successfully with significant team commitment: collectively with executives Strategique is most effective in building such commitment.