Luxor Trading acquires the business of Metco Toiletries & Cosmetics after bankruptcy.

November 21st, 2017

Metco Toiletries & Cosmetics was founded by Nateghi Senior as supplier of personal care products to market stands. Since Martin Nateghi took over he transformed the business to supply the large parallel retail channels as Zeeman and Action and international co-traders. Since 2013 Blijdorp financed the expansion collectively with Deutsche Bank to a level of € 30 million revenues.

In the summer 2016 Blijdorp acquired a main competitor of Metco. Collectively with the Deutsche Bank he caused a termination of the working capital facilities with the objective to acquire the stocks and orders of Metco in a forced liquidation with the usual discounts, based on the liens of the bank. Nateghi managed to block a private transaction between the bank and Blijdorp. This forced a judgement of the Dutch court, in which he orchestrated rumours on a competitive bid, which caused Blijdorp to pay the market value. With the conflict between the shareholders and  without stocks and working capital facilities Metco could not continue its business. By manipulation Blijdorp managed to enforce the bankruptcy of Metco in September 2017 as the company was illiquid despite its solvency. The receiver is in the unique position that even with the bankruptcy cost he will be able to pay the undisputed creditors most or all of their claims. This may take still significant time as Blijdorp still tries to frustrate an orderly process with disputed claims and fake information. He nevertheless could not withhold the receiver to enter into a transaction with Nateghi to transfer the remaining business and goodwill of Metco to Luxor Trading.

Strategique acted as advisor to Metco and Nateghi in efforts to refinance Metco during the conflicts before the bankruptcy and in the restart of the Metco business thereafter.