ASK Romein finances the start-up of The Green Bay with a participation

July 4th, 2017

The Green Bay has unique characteristics due to its location and concept. For the cooling it will use the spare capacity of a neighbouring refinery with direct seawater cooling. For the electricity it will have a direct 150 kV connection to the main grid and hub, where two offshore wind parks are on-shoring (700 MW) next to a large generator plant. It will have two direct glass fibre internet connections with the main hubs in Amsterdam and Antwerp. This concept offers significant advantageous in operational cost and reliability, as less back-up systems are required to obtain the necessary reliability. The four TGB initiators and managers have relevant experience in the design, operations and commercialization of data centres. The project will require a € 150 million financing to be arranged in the coming period.

ASK Romein was invited by The Green Bay and its financial advisor to provide development capital to The Green Bay and retained Strategique as advisor in the process to obtain a minority shareholder position in The Green Bay Holding, while providing a loan to fund the preparation, engineering and license process as part of a design & construct contract. Strategique assessed the datacentre market and development, modelled the project cash flows, developed the participation structure and assisted in the negotiations.