Our story

Strategique was started in 1985 by Frank van Goethem as Investment Management & Consulting Group. Gradually we learned that this name was not practical but it became well known in the professional world. So we moved slowly to the abbreviation IMCG.

From 1985 till 2001 the firm was operating out of the bungalow at the Rijksweg 22 in Helvoirt (downtown). In this period the partner group was extended with changing composition and the professional staff had a good turnover. In 2001 the offices moved to “De Gruyterfabriek” at the Veemarktkade in ‘s Hertogenbosch, as the Helvoirt bungalow did not provide sufficient space.

Also in 2001 the alliance with Solving Efeso was started, in the beginning with a minority shareholding and later with a majority shareholding. The ‘Dutch’ partners nevertheless had control to warrant IMCG’s autonomy.

In early 2013 this era came to an end, when the partners decided to dissolve the partnership and to split the practice in two sections. Each section received a copy of all the files, the client data base, the toolkit, the manuals, the references, etc, but the IMCG brand disappeared.

Three ex-IMCG professionals (Frank van Goethem, Erik Twisk and Jens Groot) continued the autonomous section as Strategique and moved the offices to “Zwijnsbergen” in Helvoirt (uptown). The other section was integrated in Solving Efeso.