Our international network

There seems to be a good correlation: more than 50% of our transaction and engagements are crossborder or with an international focus and we are member of Globalscope, a most active international network of independent Corporate Finance boutiques and advisory firms in more than 25 countries. In the Reuters ranking of small and midsize transactions in Europe Globalscope is well present (ranking number 20). Globalscope is active on all continents and covers the most important developed and emerging markets.

The core values and key selling messages are the clear value points that Globalscope conveys to its audience.

1. Openness and Camraderie

Our comradery and openness give us powerful access to investors across all global markets. A broader selection of investors increases both competitive tension and the likelihood of finding the right investor – therefore delivering superior results for our clients.

2. Relentless Entrepreneurialism

Our global family of members are relentless entrepreneurs themselves, so we leave no stone unturned in getting the best deal for our clients. We use our in depth knowledge of local markets, corporate and financial investors in every sector to deliver the best value.

3.Tier one brand quality

We always put our clients first – in every country and in every language we know how to achieve success for them. When you choose a member firm in one country, you can be sure that all our members work to the same high quality and ethos. This synergy creates success.

Strategique is since 1988 one of the founder members of  Globalscope’s predecessor ICN. Frank and his colleague Claude from France formed in 2006 Globalscope by a merger the two networks and under Frank’s presidentship the Globalscope network was expanded significantly. It is our saying: our clients benefit from the network and it provides us lots of positive energies.

Globalscope has an extensive reference base with over 400 transactions in all sectors and knowledge and expertise are shared with semi-annual conferences, extranet, trainings and joint data bases.

Click here for the Globalscope website and references.