Our firm

As an owner-operated corporate finance & strategy consultancy firm, Strategique provides support to businesses and enterprises from the shareholder value perspective. We have operational business experience and understand the objectives of our clients.

We continue our time proven proposition of independent, fact based analyses and practical solutions to support important corporate and business decisions. In transactions and funding rounds we push the process forward by focusing on the issues at hand and staying one step ahead: always striving towards the best available route. That is the Strategique culture.

Challeging and stimulating environment for new associates

We nurture our knowledge and experience, built up in the 28 years of Strategique’s / IMCG’s existence. This is well documented and passed on to new associates in the Strategique toolkit, our training manuals and a multitude of cases, both from external academics and real client situations. In our approach and communication the Pyramid principle, issue analysis and early formulation of hypotheses are used extensively.

Most importantly: we work together with our client’s executives and teams because we like them: if there is not a personal fit, the work is not of interest.